Our approach begins with analyzing the concept, the target market and the budget.

Our next step is to determine how the energy within the space should be created. After all, energy is the driving force that keeps the customers coming back. Energy is the life-force and must be properly tuned and designed so that the tone and the level is proper for every concept. If the concept is menu-driven, the food must be featured and the theater may become the cooking process. In other instances, the bar should be the center of the action and the location, shape and proximity to the other elements within the space play a major role in accomplishing this task.

Regardless of the concept, Karen Hanlon believes in maximizing the potential revenue sources by marketing the “product.” it is also critical that the concept have a clear and cohesive identity that is easy for the customers to understand and that there is a thread that weaves consistency throughout the concept. We believe the menu is the driving force behind the physical design of the restaurant. The design must reflect the nature, personality and ethnicity of the menu. In concepts where location and energy play the largest role, it is important to understand the motivations of the customer and to accommodate their needs.