Boca Raton, FL

As you enter the Space you immediately realize that the Fireplace and the Library Shelves create a sense of warmth with the hostess who greets you upon arrival. Ahead of you is a Wooden Branched Wrapped Cocoon. Underneath it lies a lounge area that has a banquette wrapped in luxurious fabrics and pillows. A Cozy niche location for those who love a more private space. Then you look off to the side to see a bar full bar with bartenders mixing drinks and people watching the show. The overhead rack has a beautiful bottle display with TV’s. The dining room has a Timeless and Vintage feel. Above the main dining room is a Dimensional Oval Glass Structure that illuminates the room. The curved banquettes sit below.

The Trees that surround the space create a sense of nature and shadow. The decorative tile flooring is like a rug with wood flooring surrounding it. The long banquette near the bar accommodates a large party or single tables. The Kitchen wall has a Custom-Vintage tile with a Copper hood. The kitchen bar allows views into the kitchen where people can watch the show. The restrooms have a Rustic feel with coconut shell wall finishes and Restroom doors that give dimension of a Pine needle-like feeling.

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