River Oaks District, TX

River Oaks is an Upscale Area that features a Stunningly Beautiful Shopping Center.

As you enter the First Level of The IPIC Theater, you will notice the Front Desk which has a beautifully crafted surround. The Escalator will take you up to the Split Level with a stacked book Mural and while on your way up you will see the Hostess Stand where they will greet you. The Kitchen area as well as the Main Lounge, Bar and Dining Room are a Main Feature where you can gather with Friends and chill by the Fireplace.

The Bar/Lounge area has a Featured curved Basket weave patterned brick ceiling. The two side Dining rooms have featured beams with dimensional wood. The acoustics play a major role as well allowing the sound within the space to remain at a low level. The Main Bar is a central feature where the Bartenders show off their Fabulous Cocktails.

The Kitchen area is a featured spot for communal tables and perfect for a birthdays and holiday parties.

The Murals in the Dining area are a main feature that instills a sense of comfort and inspiration. The booths are super cozy and comfortable with a traditional tufted designed. The best part about this dining room is that you have a sense of comfort in a small space that is not overwhelming.

The Upper Lounge area has a Dimensional Ceiling that exudes an illuminated pattern that flows onto the tables and flooring. The views over-look the Mall and have accessibility to the outside Balcony. This is a space where functions are held and where people feel a sense of cozy.

The Service Counter in the main hallway is a place where people can order food and drinks while on their way to the theaters. The newly designed seating allows couples and friends to enjoy their laid-back lounge seating with pillows and blankets while being serviced by the staff who can place orders for food and drink. The acoustics within the theater are also a critical aspect.

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