Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Good Spirits is located in Downtown Fort Lauderdale, FL and is next to a Quiet Neighborhood but is also connected to the US-1 Corridor. It has become a popular Destination for Locals as well as Tourists. The Design Intent was to create a Mid-Century Modern Design that would Create a Cozy Bar / Dining and Lounge Experience. The Central Fireplace is a Feature that Divides the Bar from the Main Dining Room allowing people to have a private Conversation.

The Lounge feature has an illuminated Concrete Patterned Wall that enhances the cozy and intimate space.

The Walnut Wood Paneling adds Dimension to the wall with the Artwork being a Main Feature.

The Main Visual Feature in the Dining Room has the Sushi Bar below and the Uplit Wall of Liquor Bottles above. The Dining Room also features 2 curved booths that accommodate larger Parties. The Kitchen is also a feature in the space which allows views into the Cooking Area so that Customers can Visualize the Chef as well as the Cooking process and the activity.

We were also able to Clad the Exterior Space with our Finishes and Lighting as well as Signage, Planters and Landscaping. The Exterior Furnishings and Umbrellas were also a Main Feature along the Outdoor Sidewalk Space.